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Magic moments on the danube river

  • The Hundertwasser ship for creatives
  • The Hundertwasser ship for creatives
The Hundertwasser ship for creatives

MS Vindobona

Not otherwise the MS Vindobona is called “pleasure ship to dream”! The extraordinary interior design in the Hundertwasser design makes your stay on board a cultural and varied experience. At the entrance area on the main deck, the ship’s chasse, the output from the kitchen and the rise to the top are accommodated. In the front part of the ship is a beautiful salon for 60 persons with dance floor and sound system. The toilets, the kitchen and the access to the Freideck are located backwards. Above the aforementioned staircase, the upper deck is accessible, which is characterized by the round seating groups, the wrought-iron chandelier and the cozy atmosphere. A large panorama window allows not only the view to the control stand, but also free view to the front. Afterwards, guests at the sundeck will be able to enjoy the exiting shore landscape in the open air.

MS Vindobona vor Sternwarte Urania
MS Vindobona vor Donauturm
MS Vindobona - Oberdeck
MS Vindobona - Oberdeck
MS Vindobona vor Ringturm
MS Vindobona vor Uniqua Tower
MS Vindobona vor DC Tower
MS Vindobona

  • Restaurant on Board
  • Dancefloor with lighting system
  • Equipement for handicapped people


permitted for 240 persons
main deck
upper deck
inside overall
Sightseeing Cruises
Themecruises with buffet and dancefloor



Vienna was once a Celtic settlement called Vindobona. Around 15 BC, this settlement was assigned to the Roman Empire and the Danube became the imperial frontier. Vindobona was adapted as a Roman legion camp, when the Romans built fortifications along the Danube. In 1995 the MS Vindobona was renovated and redesigned by Meister Friedensreich Hundertwasser . The Hundertwasser ship – as the Vindobona is also called – now belongs to the sights of Vienna and is therefore one of the most extraordinary venues in the city.