Terms and Transport conditions of the DDSG Blue Danube. For Twin City Liner, Hydrofoil, Special Cruises International with MS Nestroy, Passau-Cruises MS Kaiserin Elisabeth, the terms and conditions of the respective operators which we will hand out to you on demand.

Programmes and schedules are subject to change in case of unforeseeable events such as high or low water, or delays when passing locks or bridges. Force majeure (high water, ice, etc.) may entail any changes of services. Boats other than announced may be used. Program changes are possible owing to unforeseen events (e.g. illness of artists). Printing errors are subject to alterations. Prices are subject to change, based on the tense fuel situation.

Hotel reservations remain valid despite all that above mentioned and subject to our general terms and conditions.

The customer agrees that the data disclosed in connection with the order and the processing of the order will be used, processed and stored by our accounting department as well used for our internal market research and marketing purposes. The data will be used by us for meeting legal regulations, for processing payment transactions and for advertising purposes. In connection with the ticket purchase the customer agrees that possible pictures and filmshootings where the customer can be seen in, can be used for marketing purposes.

Entry into Schengen countries (Slovakia, Hungary)
At present no border crossing inspections of persons are conducted. A valid passport or identity card is however mandatory and must be produced upon request. Illegal entry or exit, i.e. without valid passport or identity card constitutes an illegal act according to Austrian law. Passengers without valid documents will not be transported. Information on entry permit with respective consulate.

Bookings are necessary!
Sightseeing Cruises Vienna, Sightseeing Cruises Wachau: for 10 persons and more by telephone, for 20 persons and more written
Theme Cruises Vienna, Wachau: by telephone, for 8 persons and more written
Twin City Liner: by telephone, for 5 persons and more written
Hydrofoil to Budapest, Special Cruises, Hotels: written

Written reservations per Fax ++43 1 588 80 - 440 or per E-Mail: info@ddsg-blue-danube.at.
No reduction for all-in-one tickets as well as on already paid tickets.
Subject to technical alterations, errors, misprint and typographical failures.


Ships accessible for wheelchairs: MS Vindobona, MS Admiral Tegetthoff, MS Prinz Eugen, MS Wachau, Twin City Liner. Wheelchairs have to be preregistred. Please notice that there is no barrier-free access in every station. Electric wheelchair upon request.


Sightseeing Cruises Vienna No transport possible
Day Trips from Vienna, Sightseeing Cruises Wachau and First Steps to Bratislava free
€ 1.--
€ 2.--
€ 2.--
per bicycle / child 0 - 10 years
per bicycle / child 10 - 15 years
per bicycle / person
per bicycle trailer
Twin City Liner € 7.-- per bicycle / leg (with pre-registration)
Hydrofoil to Budapest € 20.-- per bicycle / leg (with pre-registration)
  € 30.-- per bicycle trailer / leg (with pre-registration)


Sightseeing Cruises, Theme Cruises free per dog, leash and muzzle ready
First Steps to Bratislava, Twin City Liner free

per dog, leash and muzzle ready with EU pet pass and rabies inoculation certificate

Hydrofoil   no dogs on board allowed

No reduction for all-in-one tickets as well as on already paid tickets.
Subject to technical alterations, errors, misprint and typographical failures.