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"Aprés Ski Pop Party"




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"Aprés Ski Pop Party" am 15.08.2020

Themecruises,Themecruises in Vienna

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Party mood onboard the flagship with hits from Aprés Ski.

We bring Aprés Ski jamboree to the Danube. Our ship becomes and alpine chalet. And we serve typical chalet food such as dumplings with egg, yeast dumplings, etc. 

incl. cruise
incl. buffet
incl. live music



gelatined herring and egg
pork carpaccio with horseradish sauce and lye rolls
celeriac puree with roasted pumpkin seeds
smoked meat, black pudding, cheese, spreads and pickled vegetables
rustic bread and organic butter

smoked meat soup with vegetables and barley

Main dishes
fried potatoes with chicken, fennel and sausage
ground veal schnitzerl with mushroom sauce and pea rice
fried vegetables with cabbages and potato noddles
scalloped cheese spaetzle with fried onion
dumplings with egg, chives and lettuce

yeast dumpling with vanilla sauce, poppy seed and sugar
baked apple rings with cinnamon and cranberries
chococlate creme with with milk rice

= for vegetarians


Sumawind stand for lusty party mood as well as the best dance music, sensual ballad, current chart hits, decent pop songs and folk music plus energetic rock songs.

In a nutshell the party band „Sumawind“ is musical fireworks at its finest!

Suzy and Mario, one singer and one musicians, masters of their craft, started the band and found virtuous and powerful members in Jimi and Martin.

Together they are Sumawind.

Since those four have for years dedicated themselves entirely to music, their creed is a simple one:
Make music and entertain people – at any sacrifice.