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"Russian Night"




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"Russian Night" am 23.01.2021

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Peace, Love & Russian Roll with Russkaja founder Georgij Makazaria,
who scored 3rd place at the 2016 season of „Dancing Stars“ with his project: „Russian Gentlemen Club“.
A Russian evening with historic romances, Moskow Street Pop, Gypsy Soul and Cossack folk – accompanied by an authentic Russian gourmet buffet.

incl. cruise
incl. buffet
incl. live music


Oladji with sour creme and chives 
salad mimosa with thuna and sugar peas with poppy pastries
cheese patê with leaf spinach and tomatoes 
filled eggs with Russian salad
breat rolls, French bread and organic butter

Sauerkraut-Soljanka with potatoes, salty cucumbers and pickled mushrooms

main dished
Pork Stroganoff with ribbon noodles and lettuce
Russian vegetable stew in turnip broth 
baked chicken skewer in walnut marinade with sweet potato sticks 
stuffed cabbage with paprika creme sauce and rice
Kulebjaka with salmon und mushrooms en croûte with coleslaw

vanille-yoghurt mousse with Russian bread 
Kulitsch with candied fruits and sugar coating 
strawberry cake



Russian Gentelmen Club, or the four magnificent seven of the Russian-Viennese music scene, honor us with their presence. 

The all-star band consists of Georgij Makazaria (frontman of „Russkaja“ – vocals, guitar), Aliosha Biz („primasch“ of „Dobrek Bistro“ – vocals, violin), Alexander Shevchenko (one half of the duo „Klezmer Reloaded“ – vocals, accordion) und Roman Grinberg (frontman of „Frejlech“ – vocals, piano). The „Gents“ bring along many known and unknown Russian songs with passion and nostalgia. 

And no one will bother that Shevchenko is actually Ukrainian, Makazaria has a Georgian surname and neither „Biz“ nor „Grinberg“ sound remotely Russian.

Na Zdrowje!